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  2. Products

    Product Information

    SWS-5000 CRRT (for the treatment of corona virus pneumonia)

    Flexible solutions, various modes

    • More than 10 extracorporeal blood treatment modes, including CRRT, PE, DFPP, PDF, HP, PA, CPFA, MARS, FPSA, SPAD, RAD...With a variety of functions, it’s one of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the market.

    • Able to adapt to a variety of clinical demands, including automatic control of tubing clamps with push-button changes to treatment modes and dilution methods.

    • Support citrate anticoagulation and single sodium bicarbonate injection.

    Safe and careful treatment

    • The integrated design of air detection, venous clamp and blood recognition with  ultrasonic and optical sensor, which can monitor the tiny bubble and blood.

    • Automatic injection of A & B substitution fluids proportionally through double channels to prevent precipitation during the CRRT, reducing the workload of the medical staff.

    • Citrate automatic injection anticoagulation technology, citrate and calcium solution automatic proportional injection to realize the safe local anticoagulant treatment and provide more anticoagulant choices.

    • Intelligent and dynamic pressure monitor alarm to quickly detect any abnormal pressure.

    • Heating on both sides to provide more comfortable treatment.

    • Fully-automatic prime degassing and tubing seal monitoring, to help reduce the workload of staff and improve safety of treatment.

    Easy to operate

    • Diagrams for each treatment mode and tubing installation are included for ease of use.

    • One-button prime for tubing and filter, allowing for quick and easy operation.

    • Alarm reason and alarm processing method can be shown.

    Product features

    • A 12-inch LCD touchscreen that can be rotated from multiple angles for quick and easy use.

    •  5 precision peristaltic pumps, 1 anti-coagulation pump, 4 high-precision weight scales, 2 tubing selection clamps, and 1 heating device.

    • Flat-type double-sided heating and infrared temperature monitoring feedback control.

    • Automatic injection technology with the extracorporeal blood treatment mode ensures the correct amounts of citrate and calcium solutions.

    • Double-channel substitution fluid injection technology to solve the carbonate precipitation problem in CRRT.

    • Tubing installation notice and automatic prime function.

    • Multi-function syringe pump able to use various syringes from 10-50 mL.

    • The machine is designed ergonomically, which allows for convenience and safety while fulfilling the needs of the patients with bedside treatment.

    • Semi-integrated tubing design, which allows the tubing and filters to be separated for more flexible options.