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  2. Products

    Product Information

    • Dialysis center intelligent Management System

      The new Hemodialysis Center Intelligent Management System is designed to provide convenient, safe and effective treatment for doctors, nurses and patients.。

      Eight core modules

      "Internet diagnosis evaluation, Prescription , dialysis, disease observation, medical advice execution, treatment summary through “the equipment + medical care + patients + dialysis center + remote operation and maintenance center , remote medical treatment and operation and maintenance services through Internet; enhance the patient's sense of treatment experience through the patient's online A pp ; provide the whole process from self-registration, charges, consumables out of the warehouse, medical waste treatment, etc. , provide online appointment, diet guidance, health education, automatic diagnosis of communication between doctors and patients, statistical analysis tools,through the mode of mobile medical care and new dialysis center management to achieve standardized, standardized, intelligent management of dialysis centers.


      Multi-platform application to create better dialysis services


      The Hemodialysis Center Intelligent Management Software already includes basic management functions,
      and we also offer customized services to make dialysis management easier and more efficient.


      Cooperative Hospital