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  2. Our stories

    Brand Story

    About us

     A pioneer of Chinese extracorporeal blood treatment



    SWS medical group has been focused on extracorporeal blood treatment instruments for 19 years, and has become the only company in China with the whole industry chain which through the technological many innovation platforms .



    As a leading manufacturer of extracorporeal blood treatment instruments in China, SWS Hemodialysis Care Co,Ltd has innovative platforms these includes a national enterprise technology center, a national engineering research center, a national post-doctoral research workstation and an academic expert workstation. We have applied for 8 international patents and 181 national patents (including 79 invention patents) , 122 patents has been authorized. Since drafting and formulating two national standards and five industry standards in the blood treatment industry in China, SWS Hemodialysis Care Co, Ltd .has maintained its status as a nationally-known industry leader in technology and innovation .


    SWS medical group has owned three subsidiaries  and a Sino-US joint venture company that  produce  products across the spectrum of the extracorporeal blood treatment. 



    ※ SWS Hemodialysis Care Co., Ltd manufacture extracorporeal blood treatment equipment .


    ※ TWT Medical produces the disposables of dialysis .


    ※ KMJ dialysis l runs the dialysis centers .


    ※ SD medical produce high quality dialyzers .


    The technology innovation is the foundation of the high -quality service we are dedicated to providing to our patients .


    Our first priority is the comfort and safety of the patients,and our mission is to offer products and services of highest quality to ensure that the patient receivers the best treatment .


    SWS medical ,the standard for treatment in the hemodialysis field .


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    • SWS

    About us

    SWS Medical was established in 2001, whichwas a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of extracorporeal blood treatment equipment. It is now a leading manufacturer and tjhe national standardin terms of extracorporeal blood treatment in China.


    Our company specializes in the extracorporeal blood treatment equipment such as hemodialysis machine ,hemodiafiltration machine ,hemoperfusion machine .which is used for the clinical treatment of acute and chronic renal failure, uremia, multiple organ failure and poisoning and multiple organ failure .Currently , SWS equipment is listed nationally in the “Selection of Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Products”.which we are extremely proud of .


    SWS medical has several architectural achievements that we use to futher our goal of providing the best care for those we work with .These include an enterprise technology center,an national engineering research center, a national post-doctoral research station as well as workstation for scholars . We are committed to providing the best enviroment possible so that we can maintain our position as a national leader in extra corporeal blood treatment,we have successfully developed the first online hemodiafilttration machine and the first successful CRRT in China .