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      Pursue excellence,Pursue perfection
      Create a world-class brand of hemodialysis for the benefit of patients with kidney disease worldwide


      SWS medical group is focus on extracorporeal blood treatment for 19 years , and has become the only company in the extracorporeal blood treatment industry in China with the whole industry chain which through the technological innovation and continuous improvement .

      TWT - Dialysis disposable


      TWT medical is a wholly-owned and joint venture subsidiary of SWS Medical Group. The company is committed to the research and development and production of hemodialysis consumables, including dialysate, dialysis powder, dialysis online powder, dialyzer, hemoperfusion filter , dialysis tubing , fustula needle , disinfectant, water treatment equipment, etc.

      • Hemodialysis concentrate, dry powder

        pre-mixing before raw material mixing, turbine mixing to improve mixing efficiency and uniformity; aseptic process, high pressure steam sterilization, self-produced dialysate packaging, one-stop aseptic perfusion; batch production。

        Coming soon

      • Blood perfusion device

        With many years research experienced colleges and universities experts, independent research and development; all models and types; batch production.

        Coming soon

      SWS MEDICAL Pursue excellence. Create a world-class brand of hemodialysis equipment for the benefit of patients with kidney disease worldwide.